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Departure Destination Details
Luxembourg (LU) 4000 Liège (BE)
4000 Liège (BE) Luxembourg (LU)
3277 Bettembourg (LU) 4671 Blégny (BE)
4671 Blégny (BE) 3277 Bettembourg (LU)
57100 Thionville (FR) 2417 Luxembourg (LU)
2417 Luxembourg (LU) 57100 Thionville (FR)
2417 Luxembourg (LU) 1050 Ixelles (BE)
1050 Ixelles (BE) 2417 Luxembourg (LU)
54290 Trèves (DE) 1247 Luxembourg (LU)
1247 Luxembourg (LU) 54290 Trèves (DE)
1882 Luxembourg (LU) 5500 Dinant (BE)
5500 Dinant (BE) 1882 Luxembourg (LU)
1536 Luxembourg (LU) 1348 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve (BE)
1348 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve (BE) 1536 Luxembourg (LU)
1536 Luxembourg (LU) 17000 La Rochelle (FR)
17000 La Rochelle (FR) 1536 Luxembourg (LU)
1536 Luxembourg (LU) 75004 Paris (FR)
75004 Paris (FR) 1536 Luxembourg (LU)
1536 Luxembourg (LU) 75013 Paris (FR)
75013 Paris (FR) 1536 Luxembourg (LU)
Departure Destination Details
Niederanven (LU) 57000 Metz (FR)
57000 Metz (FR) Niederanven (LU)
75001 Paris (FR) 1536 Luxembourg (LU)
1247 Luxembourg (LU) 54000 Nancy (FR)
30000 Nîmes (FR) 1247 Luxembourg (LU)
1247 Luxembourg (LU) 30000 Nîmes (FR)
1855 Luxemburg (LU) 6579 Rosport (LU)
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Why carpool?

  1. Savings

    I share the cost of gas, parking, tolls…

  2. Ecology

    By participating in the reduction of car traffic, I reduce pollution and fight against global warming.

  3. Rapidity

    Less vehicles on the road: no more traffic jams!

  4. Friendly

    I meet new people and the road is less monotonous.

  5. Flexibility

    I carpool when I want, I have no long term commitment…

  6. Security

    Less vehicles, less fatigue, less stress: fewer accidents.

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